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Sharla Shults

Hello, I am Sharla Shults, writer and poet. History is sometimes considered dull reading BUT have you ever read history presented with poetic finesse? Do you take time to observe life at its best, listen to life’s songs, embrace life’s bounties, breathe the breath of life and savor life to its fullest? Each question reflects the essence of Sharla Shults' poetry.

Sharla Shults' writing is reflected through two different purposes. The first message is from the heart inspired by life, love and whispers of yesterday. While some thoughts are fact and others fiction, the recollections are rooted in moments to evoke a personal emotion, set a purpose for tomorrow, and provide an insight for reflection. It is a means for sharing love, dreams, and inspirations to send a heart racing, free a heart of grief, or perhaps even offer a path for forgiveness.

The second is a message to and for America, our country, your land and my land: A message of sacrifice, a message for freedom, a message for those who have served in the past, presently serve, or will serve our military forces in the future. A grave price is being paid every moment of every day of the year for all the freedom America has to offer. Let us not forget those who have fought or are fighting for our nation; they are the epitome of the human spirit called freedom!

Sharla Shults's Background

Sharla Shults's Experience

Resource Teacher at Beacon Learning Center

June 2000 - May 2008

Writing Lesson Plans, Teacher Training (Sunshine State Standards)

Teacher at Bay County School District

August 1984 - May 2000

Mathematics Teacher, grades 9 - 12, Acceleration Academy, 9th grade

Atlanta & St Andrews Bay Railway Company at Dothan, AL

October 1972 - July 1984

Freight Agent & Superintendent of Car Service

Beacon Educator Consultant/Facilitator at Beacon Educator

May 2008

Online Learning Facilitator/Instructor (Math, Reading and ESOL)

Self-Employed Writer/author at Self-Employed Writer/author


Sharla Shults's Education

Troy State University

1964 – 1967


Sharla Shults's Interests & Activities

Writing, reading, gardening, playing golf, swimming hisory, America, nature, photography

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